I collect cars rather than driving them, but I like them to be
 exposed. Throughout the years, several publications were
 issued about the collection, or specific cars therof. Below
 you find and overview. By clicking the covers, a pdf opens.

 If you would like to use one of the cars on this website
 for any photoshoot or film, please feel free to contact me.
Losange 11, 2009: Plein Air Losange 23, 2012: Fourgonnette Generations 4L, 2010: Parisienne Renault.tv, 2011: Video documentary
Createur, 2007: Entire collection 4L Magazine 3, 2007: Entire collection / IKA Parisienne 4L Magazine 5, 2007: R3 4L Magazine 7, 2008: R4 Export
4L Magazine 20, 2010: Fourgonnette Vitrée 4L Magazine 21, 2011: Parisienne 4L Magazine 24, 2011: Plein Air 4L Magazine 27, 2011: Fourgonnette
La Bombe Citroen, 2009: ID19P La Bombe Citroen, 2010: ID19F La Bombe Citroen, 2013: DS19 Le temps dit, 2013: Peugeot 404, Daf 600, Renault 4 Parisienne