Refresh this page Renault 4L, 1962 Renault 4 Super, 1963 Renault 4 Parisienne, 1968 Renault 4 Fourgonnette, 1961 Renault 4 Export, 1966 Renault 4 Plein Air, 1968 This RENAULT R3 (R1121) from 1961 was meant as a base model below the R4, without any luxury. It derived it's name from the fact that it had a 602 cc engine which generates only 3 French "fiscal hp".

The R3 was sold in France only and it was only available in grey, with a minor change of shade during 1962. Since the Renault 4L with a 4 hp engine was much more popular the production of the R3 was soon terminated. From July 1961 until September 1962 only 2526 specimen were produced.

I bought the R3 in the pictures in September 1999 in a small village near Orleans, France. It has got production number 773. It had not been used since 1984, and it did not run anymore.